Cheerleading, Dance, Pageant Ponytail Hairpieces

We offer a beautiful selection of ponytail hair pieces that are strong enough to withstand rigorous cheerleading, dance and pageant routines.  They have reinforced combs and stretchy ties to hold your hair piece in place. They will maintain their position and curl during the bounce, twirl and flips of cheerleading, dance and pageants but are also beautiful enough for special occasion use such as weddings and other special occasions where a beautiful, natural looking ponytail is desired.

Our ponytail hairpieces come in a full range of colors to ensure seamless blending with any natural color.  We offer blondes to reds to browns in a wide variety of shades and highlights to match the look of real hair. Choose from straight or a selection of different curl styles for your desired look in a ponytail.   If you are ordering for a dance group, cheerleading squad or want to be sure of your color selection before ordering why not start with our color ring which will let you match the best color to your hair or your child’s hair before choosing a hair piece.  Great for squads and groups!

Also, be sure to check out our Color Matching page to make sure you get the best match possible!