Color Matching

  1. Choose from our online colors. Click on the color swatches to see enlarged images. Colors will vary slightly from monitor to monitor.
  2. Hair color rings are available for individuals, squads or groups with a $25.00 refundable deposit. Once you send back your color ring, a return will be processed.
  3. Mail us a swatch of hair and we will gladly match it for you. If you are sending in a swatch of hair make certain that the swatch color is a match to the roots of your child's hair.
  4. Always match the hair color to the BASE of the hair. We want to match to the first 4-5 inches of your daughters hair.
  5. Note: Hair will look approximately 2 shades darker when using gel or wet-looking hair products. If you are using dry hairspray the color will not change much.
  6. When emailing us pictures, we recommend taking them in outdoor lighting and putting your daughters hair in a ponytail. If you are unable to do this, you can send the pictures you do have and we will try and work off those. Keep in mind that lighting can drastically change the shade of your child's hair color. It is very helpful when sending different pictures in different lighting for color matching, to note which pictures look the most like their natural hair color. Also, include if your child has warm or cool undertones to their hair, if possible, as this is helpful information as well.

Contact Girly Curls for help selecting your hair color at 888-238-4781 or email us at with pictures. 



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