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How to Attach a Drawstring Ponytail Hairpiece (Please see our tutorials)

Wash and condition your hair like on any other day.

Comb your natural hair thoroughly with a wide tooth comb to remove and tangles, knots or rough areas to create a smooth finish.

Brush your hair with a full bristle hairbrush or a fine tooth comb in the direction of where your ponytail will be. Smooth out to get rid of any bumps or fly away hair. Use gel or a favorite hair product to help create a flawless look.

Use a hair band to put your hair in a secure ponytail. Twist your hair and create a tight bun that sits close to your scalp. Use a couple bobby pins to help secure your bun to your scalp. 

Wrap your ponytail hairpiece around your bun. The combs should be slid into your hair to help position the hairpiece/bun. Some hairpieces will have combs that snap and others will simply slide into your hair. Pull the drawstring tight and lock it in place with the attached clasp or tie a knot on the drawstring at the place that fits perfect for the hairpiece. Tuck the drawstring under the hairpiece. Some of our hairpieces have clasps and others are meant to be tied in a knot at the proper position.

You can use your ponytail hairpiece just like this or add additional bobby pins if desired. 


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