Hair Care

Our hairpieces are made of high quality synthetic fibers that require very little maintenance to keep them looking beautiful. You can wash them on occasion with a mild wig shampoo using cool water. Gently swish them in the water with your hands. Squeeze out any excess water and allow your hairpiece to air dry. Once your hairpiece is dry, you can brush it into your desired style.

DO NOT USE HEAT ON THESE HAIRPIECES. No blower dryers, flat irons or curling irons. You’ll want to steer clear of any intense heat as even sitting near a very hot fire place could damage and frizz out the hair, this type of damage will not be reversible. 

You can run a large tooth comb, your fingers or a wig brush through the hairpiece to add volume and spray a light conditioner on the hair if your hairpiece seems particularly dry. In general our hairpieces require little to no maintenance and are ready to be used as needed. 




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  • Champ OG 16" Ponytail Hairpiece
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  • Girly Curls 13" Ponytail Hairpiece
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