Beauty, Comfort and Fun!

Having had a little girl myself I know how fun it can be when they get all dressed up for a competition or special occasion. They truly delight in the whole process from beginning to end! What better addition to making your girls feel special than bouncy, gorgeous curls.

I remember being at a wedding years ago and seeing the precious little flower girls walking down the isle with their beautiful curls. With baskets in hand they were both throwing petals every couple steps. They were enjoying their role so much.  The flowers, the decorations, the lights and the people made for a beautiful nighttime wedding. 

When my daughter started cheer and I saw how all of her squad were working to have uniform cheer hair with curls it reminded me again of the two flower girls I watched from behind during the ceremony. Soft, natural curls can add so much to  many different events, I hope you find your perfect look. 

Thanks for reading and always let your light shine!